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Actually, it was nothing for parents and their children to not see each other for ten over days. But it was a little different for Hong Dali—how far apart was Earth from the Galaxy Alliance Center?


After a brief silence, everyone laughed till they were banging violently on the table. Some of them laughed so hard that they laid on the table and couldn’t sit up!


White Beard Gate?! When he heard that name, Jiang Duxing was immediately shocked. Father, you are talking about the number one pirate in Dimu Star Sector, one of the Dimu three emperors, White Beard Gate?


Crack Amused by what Hong Dali said, Jiang Qianxue covered her mouth and laughed. She blushed and said, I feel theres nothing wrong with continuing. Forget it, lets just leave it be. Oh right, if you see anything you like at the auction tomorrow, tell me. I will buy it for you as repayment for your help in helping me resolve my preoccupation.


“Hahahaha, kid, you are very courageous.” Mister Gate looked at Hong Dali carefully and suddenly shook his head. “I heard this other kid here call you ‘Boss’. That means you are the little prodigal who paid one hundred and twenty thousand Galaxy Dollars a month for me?”


Yes. Ling Xiaoyi went to finish the paperwork with the shop owner. Indeed, when the paperwork was done, Hong Dali pulled out the System to look. Current Squandering Value: 9.8 million.

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Dont worry, I will come back to visit often. Hong Dali smiled and suddenly asked, Uncle Chief, from your expression, I can tell something is wrong.


“Old Elder.” That Elder search around the places near Faerie Star, then smiled and said, “Hellfire is very close to Faerie Star currently, only two days traveling time away.”


“Father, I…” How could Jiang Qianxue not know what Jiang Duxing meant? But indeed, there wasn’t anything that she could do. Worshiping heroes and loving such a godly genius caused her to lose her usual composure and became confused and disordered.


Ah, we Hong Dali hurriedly replied. we are at the Savage Rose Tavern. How did your training go?


Since he had made up his mind, Tianyi swept his hair back rakishly and grinned. I must have misjudged you. You may be a lackey, but you sure have some moves.


This time Jiang Qianxue thought about it for a relatively longer time before nodding. Yes, I think that was what I thought


“Okay, I guess.” Hong Dali yawned. “You come here or I go there? If you are coming, I am in your room at Brent Revolving Restaurant. If I go… I think you better come, I’m terrible at directions.”



“Understood!” Everyone laughed and agreed. They prepared to return to their rooms to train—everything that happened previously had affected them deeply and they all felt the looming danger. They had to train. Lackeys who could not help their masters were definitely not qualified lackeys!



“A super-genius who passed level 30 appeared on Shenluo City. Therefore, the Galaxy Aristocrats are looking for this person now. All those who can provide accurate information on this person will be rewarded with five million Galaxy Dollars. If this mystery person actively appears and shows himself in Shenluo City’s city owner’s house, you will be directly promoted to a purple-level Honorary Aristocrat and enjoy tons of special treatments given by the Galaxy Aristocrats and become a target that the Galaxy Aristocrats will heavily groom.”


Hehe, Dali, this person is so cool. Tang Muxin giggled. But hes still lacking something. Our Dali is more amiable. This person is more suitable to be observed like a statue. Not suitable to be approached. Hes too cold.


Its not bad. Tang Ruisi nodded. At present, the medical field is advancing very quickly. The state has been giving us a lot of support. We have overcome many difficulties and the results are gratifying.

  • “Add four points?! Only?!” Tang Hong was instantly furious. “This is going against the natural order of things! With this ability, you’re practically a money-making machine! No wonder you are never worried even though you are such a prodigal. You are well aware of your abilities!”
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